The Battle of Lexington Reenactment, April, 2017, 1.

The Battle of Lexington Reenactment, April, 2017, 2.

Battle of Short Hills NJ, June 24, 2017.

Rebels to Redcoats, Old Sturbridge Village, August, 2016. Crown troops muster before battle.

First Foot Guards: Boston's Living History, Boston Harborfest, July 3, 2016.

Mount Vernon Revolutionary War Weekend, April 30, 2016.

Revolutionary War Weekend at Mount Vernon, 2016.

Battle at Tower Park, Lexington, Patriots Day 2016.

Fort Ticonderoga Reenactment, Brown's Raid 2015 POV.

Battle of Brandywine Creek reenactment, 2015.

Revolutionary War Reenactment Sturbridge Village, August, 2015.

Reenactment at Tower Park, Lexington, April 18, 2015.

Re-enactment of the Battle of Lexington, 2015.

Tower Park, Lexington, 2014.

Redcoats and Rebels, Old Sturbridge Village, August, 2013. Camp and battle.

Battle of Monmouth reenactment, June 16, 2013 p7.

The Redcoats are coming! April, 2013. Marching past Hartwell Tavern, Minute Man National Historic Park, Lincoln, MA.

Mount Harmon, Earleville, MD, 2011.

Redcoats & Rebels Revolutionary War encampment, August, 2011. Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, MA.

Redcoats Harborfest POV, Boston Common, July, 2011, by Guardsman Derek Campanelli wearing a hidden camera while in battle with the Guards.

"A Red Coat on the Loose"
, featuring Guardsman Graeme Marsden, produced by the Quincy MA Patriot Ledger newspaper.

Boston Harborfest, July 3, 2010, "The British Are Coming"
. The Guards and other British troops on Tremont St. marching from the harbor to the Boston Common.

Battle of Lexington Green, April 19, 2010
, produced by the Quincy MA Patriot Ledger newspaper.

Lexington and Concord Patriots Day Events April 19, 2010
recorded by the Boston British Consulate.

First Foot Guards Recruiting Video
, Battle of Tower Park, Lexington, April 17, 2010, by Guardsman Rory Nolan.

Tower Park Battle, Lexington, April, 2010 Patriots Day Weekend.

First Foot Guards Surgeon Bob Parsons on Boston Common
, Harborfest, July, 2008

Lexington 1775, April, 2008 Patriots Day Battle on Lexington Green.

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